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User Testing

We watch how people really use your site, and then see how you can improve it.

The benefits of usability testing are threefold:

1. to test the behaviour of a group of target users, rather than their perceptions of the site

2. to test the site systematically from a usability perspective, and

3. to deliver actionable insights into both major and minor problems independent testers may find in using the site.

Case study

Often, when testing client sites, we find that the titles given to section and navigation headings may be intuitive to the client, but when tested are not intuitive to the end user.

Users can also become very confused by a site's inconsistent use of links. In one site some underlined text was not actually hyperlinked, whereas other text, when you moused over it, did prove to be a link.

With another client, the use of colour played a big part in the low usability of their site. The screen text was very difficult to read against the background colour, which resulted in users missing key information on how to proceed.

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